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Links To Trusted Youtube Sites

Because I have 2 friends who are cooks helping me with this area of the page and because I am in no way, shape, or form an expert I am ONLY going to list links to youtube sites which they look through and approve for either recipes or food preservation.

For all of the recipes I post, I use the Recipe Keeper app located on both Microsoft and Play Store. This is a free app and you can share links quickly to recipes you have for other users and you can also save the recipes you like with the click of a button.

SURVIVAL NOTE **** Print out your recipes. If our grid ever goes down you wont have access to your computer ****

Water Bath Canning Recipes


Cole Slaw

Pressure Canning Recipes

Raw Pack ANY Meat


Beef Stew

My favorite recipes

Jalapeno Bottle Caps

Please Email us your own recipes if you believe other members would enjoy them and we will make a batch and post it on-line.

If you are using Recipe Keeper you can click share on the top of your recipe and share the LINK in the comment section to the right. That way other members could save them directly into the recipe keeper with the click of a button.

Thank You for making our page an awesome place to share and learn.