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Please Support Other Patriot Sites

Battle Born Armory wants to thank you for supporting us and our business. We value each and EVERY customer who supports our business and we ask that you please go and support other conservative patriots.

Because of cancel culture we have found out that a lot of people do not know who we are or know about our business, We have been removed from Facebook ads, we are shadow banned on some platforms and we have found out that other patriot and conservative sites have also been shadow banned.

We have compiled a list of other patriots who we feel need our support.

Thank you from all of us at Battle Born Armory.

Food Preservation Page


Please visit our food preservation area where we will be discussing long-term food storage. I will be showing how to Dehydrate, Water bath can, pressure can, and how to store bulk dry goods for long-term survival. We are using common sense approaches to how we do this.

I believe we can all learn something that can possibly save our lives one day during a natural or man-made disaster.

We will welcome comments and discussion and will post recipes for others to use and if you have recipes you will be able to post your links as well and we will get them posted for all to use.

Thank You from all of us at Battle Born Armory for your support.