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MyPillow- Mike Lindel is being shadow-
banned for supporting our president. He
is a real-life rags to riches and he needs
our support.
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Trump Latinos
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Remembrance of my fellow Officers / Brothers

When you hear our street names “Da Man, One Time, Five-0, the fuzz, 12, PO PO” we wore them names proudly upon our uniforms at SCU.  We need to circle back to these days.

I miss you guys each day. I’ll never stop fighting the good fight and I promise to god with everything in me I’ll hold the line.

Born for this-song we lived by

Kenneth Woodmore – Ken, I miss you the most. You taught me everything I know. Every day I wish I could have taken your place that night. I still blame myself brother.

Travis Wallace – Travis, You and I rode together many nights and didn’t see eye to eye on everything but you loved your job and everyone on SCU was family. I put the fear of god into em one way and you another.

Sean Bolton – Sean, We had some good times on and off the clock. I remember the times we had on Beale Street and the many nights we rode through the streets looking for the ones who thought they would escape Lady Justice just 1 more day.

Thomas Evans –

Robert Paudert – You two were always there when I needed ya. When you heard me on that radio you knew I was gonna get us into something fun. I never had to worry, if I knew you 2 was out working you’d always be there when I needed you.

Remembrance of Ashley Babbot – Veteran and Patriot

On January 6, 2021, Ashli Babbitt tragically lost her life during a rally in support of then-U.S. President Donald Trump at the United States Capitol. She was among a group of individuals who protested the Capitol building, aiming to contest the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. The events of that day remain a poignant moment in American history, prompting discussions about democracy, civil rights, and the importance of peaceful protest. Despite investigations into the incident, her shooter has not been publicly identified or prosecuted, leaving questions unresolved and justice elusive.



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